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The Message of The Vice Dean for Administrative Affairs and Students

Welcome to one of the most renowned College of Nursing in Iraq. College of Nursing represents both nursing and nurses collectively. It is well known that nursing program aspires to enhance excellence and reform guidelines. It is our aim to ensure the progression and implementation of the best quality of patient care, and define the foundation of moral health care professionals. We strive on the students improving health outcomes.

The College of Nursing seeks to support and value the education of nurses in building their organization. It endeavors to develop nurses in a professional and expert manner. We need to create the best system for all nurses to pursue their passion. University of Mosul engages with the nursing staff to progress in their careers. The College of Nursing supports and boosts students’ desires to engage in pioneering research, education and administration programs. The college’s diversity ensures positive interactions amongst nurse care professionals.

We offer strong curriculums to challenge and fortify nursing students. Our highly Preparedfaculty implements our goal to expand leadership. Our excellence is not based on our views but on the opportunities and innovation, our program has to offer. College of Nursing welcomes and entrusts all ambitions to construct role models.


Assist. Prof. Dr. BasharJassim AL-Jwary

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